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Missie aka s.meadows is the most nerdy fangirl you will ever meet!  She loves to develop new obsessions and bore people to death by ranting about the importance of drinking grande Carmel Frappuccinos from Starbucks to improve your health! Also, she rarely ends a sentence with a period!

Nicole aka tvgirl loves to read SVM/TB fanfic and chat with the Sookieverse gals on twitter. You might also find her on tumblr drooling over blogged photos of her favorite Viking Vampire (Eric/Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd) and wolfishly handsome Were (Alcide/Joe Manganiello). tvgirl writes the Under the Radar FanFic Recs and created the author directory on The Sookieverse (she's in the process of updating - bear with her!).

nycsnowbird aka redstar (she has her own font—google ‘redstar’ to find it. It’s her actual handwriting and it’s free!) is a grammar obsessive and was strong armed by Missie to do the recap here after bitterly complaining about True Blood’s portrayal of her favorite SVM characters enough times on the Northman thread on FFN ad nauseum. It was felt it would be good to put her rants to more visible use. She can usually be found beta’ing or reading.

Suki59 is a self-proclaimed Eric-aholic who can’t seem to find the off switch when it comes to writing about her favorite Viking.  She is also a happy reader, and is especially fond of coaxing new writers out of their shells.  Suki is currently using the Weekly One-Shot Challenges to entice both new and experienced writers to join her in her favorite obsession: writing about Eric.

VampLover1 has written a variety of FF stories, mostly of the Eric/Sookie kind. She loves working as a beta, especially when helping new authors build their confidence and writing skills. Fondly nicknamed "Grammar Guru" by her fellow English teachers, she seemed like the logical choice to assume the alter-ego of Pam Ravenscroft for the weekly Dear Pam feature (shh! don't tell anyone!)

Victoria7401 is a would-be writer who spends way too much time online championing her favorite fiction series, reading books from her local library, and reading SVM Fan-fic. In her spare time she runs her own business and tends to a golf-obsessed hubby and 3 half-demon children in the suburbs of Chicago.

ysar doesn't believe in capitalization and drives herself crazy doing way too many things at once.  sadly, she didn't have enough time to run both The Twilight Awards and The Sookieverse, but she knew there was another crazy, obsessive, Viking-loving woman who did, and Missie was cool enough to jump in and take the helm.  now ysar can happily play behind the scenes while Missie & Nicole do all the real work ;)    

Zigster believes that there's nothing quite like seeing cute boys make out. She procrastinates from real life by writing silly stories, most of which involve cute boys making out. Coincidence?

SPECIAL NOTE:  The header artwork was created by AnaMoon, and is being used by permission from Ana. Her work is posted on deviantART. Check out her complete art gallery here: AnaMoon's Gallery