Monday, February 8, 2016

Alert: fake fanfiction sites!

This was posted on a fanfiction anti-plagiarism site on Facebook. Please share with your fanfiction friends. Be warned, these sites are full of malware and viruses, but it's very important that we report this!
"NOT A PROMPT BUT REALLY IMPORTANT!!! I checked these sites and they have exact copies of my works under my pen name. This notice came up on my Tumblr so I am sharing it here.
All Stories Have Been Stolen
Dear fanfiction writers,
Please be aware that there are fake websites which have mirrored literally ALL FANFICS from As far as I can tell, they are near-perfect mirrors, updating in real-time to FFN’s servers.
All of your stories, your profile, everything has been stolen and copied onto the following websites:
They are making profit off your stories with advertisements. This is called spamdexing. Please report them. Theft of this hefty magnitude, literally millions of stories, should not go unpunished.
Also, do not attempt to log in to any site that looks like but is not. In theory, they could steal your email and password!
Go here:
Put in the name of the website (one report each).
Write in additional details: This is a spamdexing mirror site to and has stolen my profiles and intellectual property.
Click “I am not a robot” and then “Report webspam”
Report more by clicking the link on: Go back to the webspam report form.
Writers and fanfic readers should report these websites that profit off our hard work. Stop plagiarism and art theft!"

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