Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who's Ready for a New Challenge?

The Fangreaders over at Live Journal are celebrating their first anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with a big pile of new fics?

All SVM fanfiction writers are invited to write a one shot that celebrates an anniversary. Just fill in the blanks of one of these sentences:

It’s been ___ year(s) since Eric and Sookie ______.
Alcide hasn’t _______ Sookie for ___ year(s).
___ year(s) ago was the first time Sookie ever ______.
Pam hasn’t ______ a zombie in ___year(s).

Are those wheels turning yet? Go to their profile on for more details. The deadline for posting your anniversary fic is February 29, 2012.
Happy Anniversary, Fangreaders!

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  1. Yes, our Fangreaders Chatzy Chatroom started a year ago on January 11th 2011. From there, we sprung out on LiveJournal moderated by our lovely Vic_Vega66 and our forum Caffe Trieste moderated by the lovely Jan_of_Arc not to mention our Hall of Fame site and Fangreaders Library.

    What a great way for a bunch of Fanfic lovers to celebrate than to have this great writing challenge. Thank you Suki59 for this great idea!!


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