Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who's Ready for a New Challenge?

The Fangreaders over at Live Journal are celebrating their first anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with a big pile of new fics?

All SVM fanfiction writers are invited to write a one shot that celebrates an anniversary. Just fill in the blanks of one of these sentences:

It’s been ___ year(s) since Eric and Sookie ______.
Alcide hasn’t _______ Sookie for ___ year(s).
___ year(s) ago was the first time Sookie ever ______.
Pam hasn’t ______ a zombie in ___year(s).

Are those wheels turning yet? Go to their profile on for more details. The deadline for posting your anniversary fic is February 29, 2012.
Happy Anniversary, Fangreaders!


  1. Yes, our Fangreaders Chatzy Chatroom started a year ago on January 11th 2011. From there, we sprung out on LiveJournal moderated by our lovely Vic_Vega66 and our forum Caffe Trieste moderated by the lovely Jan_of_Arc not to mention our Hall of Fame site and Fangreaders Library.

    What a great way for a bunch of Fanfic lovers to celebrate than to have this great writing challenge. Thank you Suki59 for this great idea!!