Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happily (N)ever After Contest

Happy endings. We all love ‘em, but they’ve been done. To death. They’ve become predictable, and sometimes a little cliched. As much as we’d like it to happen, happy endings aren’t always possible. Besides, we all know the only real happy endings happen in fairy tales anyway. So, in the spirit of shaking things up and keeping it real, Scribeninja, SlackerDee and Makesmyheadspin proudly present the Happily (N)ever After Contest.

This contest is open to all pairings, and pretty much any style of story you want to write. All human, Alternate Universe, Canon...whatever floats your boat, so long as your pairing/main character doesn’t get the much sought after HEA.

Maybe you have an inner angsty side and you want to let her out. Maybe you have never tried writing unhappy things, and you want to stretch your writing muscles a bit. This is about changing it up, going against the grain, trying something different, and it could be a lot of fun to discover what you’re capable of.


- Black Friday- November 26th, 2010: Contest formal announcement/launch

- NYE 2010: Submissions will now be accepted by hosts.

- Valentine’s Day 2011: Submission deadline.

No entries will be accepted after this date. No exceptions.

- March 1, 2011: First round of judging will be completed & top entries will be determined for public voting to begin.

- March 15, 2011: Top entry scores will be returned to hosts and public voting will be closed. Winners will be announced.

Winners will be determined by voting, judges’ top scorer and hosts’ fave. We will have a total of 5 winners: the top 2 by public vote, top 2 of the judges’ scores and one hosts’ pick.

Please see the contest profile for official rules and information. And follow the contest on Twitter: @HNA_Contest.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 35
DEADLINE: Sunday, December 5 @ Midnight PST
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Home Sweet Home Contest

There's a new contest in town! Announcing The Home Sweet Home Contest on, hosted by Thyra10 and Suki59!

Both of these Eric lovers have written quite a few stories that put all your favorite SVM characters in their own hometowns, and now they want you to do the same. Any SVM characters can be featured--not just Eric and Sookie. And you can put them in your country, state, province, city, neighborhood ... well, you get the picture.

The contest opens February 15th, so you've got lots of time to write your stories--up to 3 entries are allowed. The deadline is March 31st. This is not an anonymous contest, but wait until Febuary 15th to post your story.

Check out all the details here!

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 34
DEADLINE: Sunday, November 28 @ Midnight PST
Introduce an old flame of Eric’s into the picture.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Valentine's Fae Tales Contest Announcement

While the A New Chapter Contest comes to a close (deadline: December 12th), we'd like to announce the next contest in the SVM fandom from your hostess, blackdeadorchids.

The Valentine's Fae Tales Contest

Fairy tales usually have happy endings. We all know what has happened in stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. It is usually a lot of romance where the princes come to the rescue.

What happens when the prince is a Viking vampire or Cinderella is actually a telepath? How far can Sookie fall down the rabbit hole before Mad Hatter Eric catches her? What if Sookie fell asleep for 1000 years because of a curse and it took a young Eric to kiss her and break the spell? Play with your imagination. Be funny or serious. Make it a mystery or an epic fairy tale romance. Whatever you are into, write your own version of a SVM fairy tale.

Take a storybook fairy tale and integrate it with the SVM universe. Either place the characters in the fairy tale, put the fairy tale in the SVM world or just be clearly inspired by a classic fairy tale. The options are limitless.

  • Canon SVM, AU, OOC or AH welcome.
  • Happily Ever Afters and Lemons not required but appreciated!
  • Eric and Sookie must be the main pairing. Stories can be written from any POV but the plot should focus on Eric and Sookie.

For further rules and information, please visit either the fanfiction profile or the contest blog.

Important dates:

  • Submissions accepted: Monday, December 6, 2010 – Friday, January 21, 2011.
  • Final submission: Friday, January 21, 10 pm PST, 12pm CST.
  • Final Judging deadline: January 31.
  • Final posting to Fanfiction Community: Wednesday, February 2, 6am PST, 8am CST. If it is not received by that time it will not be included in Public Judging.
  • Public voting of the Judges top 6: Wednesday, February 2, – Monday, February 7.
  • Valentine's Fae Tales Public Judging: You may pick 2 of the Judges’ top 6. If your story did not make it into the Judges top 6 you can send your readers to the blog so they may vote for your story. There will be a poll there for your stories as well. You can only vote once. The order of choices is random. Voting will be open from 2/2, 8pm CST until 2/7, 10pm CST. Please vote, it is the only way to make sure your favorite gets the recognition it deserves!
  • Winners announced February 11th!

Although this contest is not anonymous, there will be blind judging. As with the I Write the Songs Contest, participants may NOT post their entries until after they've received notice that the blind judging has ended.

Happy writing!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Fanfiction Contest at

We're a little (okay, a LOT) behind on annoucning this but Stephanie, from the "Dead Air" podcast over at DeedeeINFJ's, is hosting a fanfiction contest!

We only just learned of this via a post on sapfirerose's blog, mysvmaddiction, so forgive us our tardiness... because the deadline is November 25. Ack!

Here are the details from

Write a fic with the topic of “In ____’s World…” If it was your story and you could make it anything you wanted it to be, what would you do? Would the Cullens be in Bon Temps? Would Lestat be a regular at Fangtasia? Just think of the most creative and fun story!

E-mail your fic to She will be reading all of them and choosing a winner who will receive a nice prize! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail her, and she will help you out. Contest ends on Stephanie’s birthday, November 25, and she will be picking a winner after she has read all the entries. She will narrow it down to 5, then pick the top three, then announce the winner! Happy writing, everyone!

And make sure you also submit your story to the fic archive so everyone can enjoy it.

Pssst! If you post on, but not on, please reply here with a link!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Write the Songs Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the I Write the Songs Contest! There were a whopping 51 entries in this contest for us all to enjoy.

The winner of first place judges' pick is River Man by vikinglover elle. Second place judges' pick is Crazy by Elbly.

Crazy by Elbly also took first place in the public vote, and Bring me to Life by My Universe placed second.

The virgin winner is I Will Love You by Ethehunter.

Bring me to Life by My Universe is also a host's pick as is Love Shack by moxiemoe.

Now, go give these winners the review love they deserve!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 33
DEADLINE: Sunday, November 21 @ Midnight PST
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New Chapter Contest: Deadline Extended!

Since the A New Chapter Contest is for "total virgin" and "newbie all-human" writers, and it has been quite a busy Fall in the fandom contest department, your gracious midwives (evenflo78, MissusT, seastarr08, tvgirlSVM and youbettago) have decided to give you some extra time to work on your fics!

The NEW deadline for A New Chapter Contest is December 12th.

Give your two favorite SVM or TB characters a bundle of joy. All relationship pairings are acceptable, this is NOT and Eric/Sookie-centric contest. You can check out some sample fics here under our Favorite Stories list. (Pssst! I broke my own AH cherry to write a promo for this contest!) Plus, we already have several entries! You can check them out at our FanFiction Community here.

So, tell us the story of how your favorite SVM or TB couple wound up with their special delivery. They fell in love, and now there's a baby on the way, but how did it happen? Was it love at first sight, or did they hate each other for years? Was the baby a surprise, or was it planned? All the fun details are up to you. The only thing that MUST happen is the birth of a human baby.

So get writing AH virgins and total newbies! Pop those cherries!

Remember, this is an ALL-HUMAN contest! No freaky fae-vampire babies, please!

See our Contest Profile Page over at for rules and information.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Write the Songs Contest Voting

The voting poll is up for the I Write the Songs Contest! There are eight finalists and you may vote for two of your favorites. The poll closes on November 14th at 6 p.m. Central Standard Time. Don't forget to also review your favorite stories!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review - Judge's Pick for FIRST BLOOD CONTEST

by nycnowbird

I take pleasure in introducing a lot of you to a first time writer who has won the FIRST BLOOD CONTEST judge's pick hosted by SibylVane Vamp, Bloodsucker815 and Huntley. The contest asked participants to write a story about Eric Northman's first kill. At present, the story is only up under FIRST BLOOD's profile here.

Let me quickly mention, too, that this story tied for 1st place public vote along with Suki59's story, First Blood, Kinda Sorta which is another of Suki's wonderful parody one-shots, this one poking fun at the films Rambo/Rocky/Cliffhanger.

Born to Die: Memoirs of a Viking by BatsOut

Why you should read it:

It’s intelligent, it’s urbane. This is not sophmoric in any regard; it’s a wonderfully expressive, finely crafted, immersive read with moments of real character depth and charisma.

The story:

In Eric’s voice, this story is told in juxtaposing timelines as he strives to be a good Maker for his progeny, Pam while reflecting back on the teachings of his father at a pivotal moment in his human life.

We first meet Eric in London, England where he has come at the end of the 19th century seeking to exploit the advantages of feeding in a city that now holds a million souls for the taking. No longer will he need to hide because of smaller population numbers. He can hunt and strategize his next kill and sleep complacent that his doings will not soon attract the attentions of the teeming city’s dirty inhabitants. She sets the scene with this bon mot:

“I could almost taste the soot on their skin that covered the city like a dismal blanket of lost ambition.”  (I’m a sucker for clever similes.)

Tired of a his own grey, lonely, nomadic existence, Eric happens one night upon Pam who intrigues him with her unconventional behavior for the times. She is like him: fiery, lustful, a born huntress and he is drawn to her. He says exultantly, “This goddess was born to die!” She is also undeniably a woman made to be a vampire: bold, strong, fearless, wild. Her resurrection is written so viscerally you feel like you’re sitting graveside with them, the grittiness of the dirt under your fingernails, watching her feral rage and the quenching of her thirst.

This is also the story of young Eric, a boy of 8, who experiences his first kill when a neighboring band of marauding Vikings come to pillage his village, attacking his family and stealing away with what they can carry but not before Eric attacks and kills a barbarian intent on forcing himself on the young child’s mother and another who is trying to flee sword wielding retaliation. He learns the wisdom of not seeking the revenge annihilation of his neighbors from his sagely father who tells him a village doesn’t stand on the sharpness of a sword but the back of its people. His father’s course of action that day alters Eric’s life.

There’s a laugh out loud moment as Pam proves to be irascible and Eric has to will patience addressing her. She balks at calling him Master and isn’t keen on colloquially being called Pam instead of Pamela. When she accepts his treatment “without a hint of fang” Eric ponders if she’s just bidding her time for revenge and maybe his sleeping with a stake isn’t a bad idea for now.

Pam’s early lessons prove hard. Attracted to the soft, seductive flesh of a woman she takes on as a pet, Pam endangers all their lives by flaunting conventional norms and acting under the delusion of invincibility. Eric has told her she must attune herself to the shifting sensibilities of the humans they live amongst or they will all be burned alive by an angry mob someday while they sleep.

Literate wonderful moments include:

“We were a hard working race from the time we could walk until the time we could no longer.”
“I delved back into my long memory and tried to recall the taste of any drink but blood.”
[intriguingly] “We were, in many ways, too primitive to love.”

I found that last worthy of a story onto itself as she explains via detail.

This author is worth bookmarking. I expect to see more involving and beautifully written stories like this from her in the future. I’m hoping she considers, too, pursuing more back stories like this one.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 32
DEADLINE: Sunday, November 14 @ Midnight PST
What’s the worst (or best) pick up line you’ve ever heard? Now put it in a story.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Blood Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the First Blood Contest on fanfiction have been announced! Born to Die: Memoirs of a Viking by BatsOut was the first place judges' pick.

There was a tie for first place in the public vote for Born to Die: Memoirs of a Viking by BatsOut and First Blood, Kinda Sorta by Suki59.

Second place in both the public vote and judges' pick was The Unknown Suspect by sapfirerose and blueiris.

Congratulations to all the winners! The stories will be posted to the profiles of the writers soon, so make sure and give them all some review love!