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Under the Radar FanFic Recs: Secrets That Kill

This is scribeninja standing in for tvgirl this week with The Sookieverse's first Alicde/Sookie fic recommendation.

I honestly don’t remember how I found this story - it could have been rec’d on twitter or I simply ran across the link and was lucky enough to click on it. But my Under the Radar Fic Rec is Secrets That Kill, by SlackerDee (aka @fanficdee). It is one of ten stories she’s written in the SVM fandom. Most recently, SlackerDee won the 7 Deadly Sins Contest with "Taking Chances."Fic Name: Secrets That Kill
Author: SlackerDee
Published: May 16, 2010
Status: Complete
Word Count: 176,733
Chapters: 25
Average Reviews per Chapter: 13

Author’s Summary
Jason Stackhouse returns home with a friend, Alcide. Sookie realizes that Alcide is the man she's been dreaming about. Interested in why she dreams about him and Jason's secret life, Sookie gets involved in a secret that could end up killing her.

Reviewer’s Notes
This is an AH Alcide/Sookie pairing story. Warning Eric diehards, he doesn’t even make an appearance in this fic, so there's not even Alcide/Sookie/Eric angst.

Sookie is a rather innocent waitress living with her Gran when her brother comes back to town. Accompanying him is his friend, Alcide, and it just so happens that Alcide is the man Sookie has been having some rather explicit dreams about. Things start to happen in Bon Temps, and a lot of it seems to revolve around one Miss Sookie Stackhouse, forcing her into a reality that has a lot of secrets. There’s murder, intrigue, mystery, action, wit, hilarity, romance, and sexy times: something for everyone.

Why You Should Read It
If the review didn’t get you popping on over to the fic, here are some more reasonsto check it out:
- It has Alcide … with a gun. We’re all attracted to the hot man that can fire a weapon and knows how to use it.
- Jason makes quite a formidable second in this story. I found myself almost as attracted to his character as I was to Alcide.
- The mystery truly is a mystery up until the reveal. It’s not something you’ll easily figure out before it’s time.
- Long chapters that don’t drag on.
- It’s complete! And there is a sequel being planned!

If you have any fics you’d recommend be reviewed for this feature, or you’d like to review one yourself, please e-mail us at or visit our contact page. And for more fic recs from other SVM authors and readers, check out sapfirerose’s blog, My SVM Addiction.

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Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 31
DEADLINE: Sunday, November 7 @ Midnight PST
The light at the end of a tunnel may be an oncoming train.

Night Huntress Bake-Off Voting Poll is Open!

Before I launch into pimping the Night Huntress Virtual Bake-off Voting Poll, let me say thanks to Missie for letting me pimp this contest on the Sookieverse blog. Thanks so much sweetie!

The voting poll for your favorite Night Huntress Virtual Bake-off entry is now open! Voting closes October 30.

There are fourteen fun entries for you to check out, and each one deserves recognition.

Which one was your favorite?

#1 A Grave Surprise by missie_bee … a fun family project with a spooktacular theme

#2 Cat Says YES!!! – by KrisM … who wouldn’t say yes to Bones?

#3 Rodney’s Homemade Apple Pie by Kyatty … in memory of our favorite ghoul

#4 Bones White Cake with Cherries by Wendy … Bones and juicy cherries just seem to go together

#5 “JUAN EYEBALL” Cupcakes by Martinl… Juan and his wandering eyes

#6 WM’s Ceiling Delights by cpb73… ceiling nookie has never been so sweet

#7 Chapter 32 Cake by shirleyjo … a confectionery homage to everyone’s favorite chapter

#8 Red Velvet Reapers by Greenabsinthia … could be Bones’ favorite dessert

#9 Vlad’s Ginger Bread Church Yard by Vlad’s Little Angel … don’t let the impaled gingerbread men scare you

#10 Mencheres’ Magic Muffins by bontempscutie … anyone need to summon Aken?

#11 S & M Club by AcheronLover … chains, whips and Cat’s silver shoes, oh my

#12 My Night Huntress Fantasy by 4thgeneration92 … a cornucopia of Night Huntress goodies

#13 Bones’ Seven Shades of S%S# Sodding Slopnuggets by V_is_for_Vlads … homemade cookies with an inspiration

#14 Tate’s Fate by Chaton … Tate should have listened to Vlad, js…

Click here to view the entries and their inspirations.

Many thanks to everyone submitting an entry to the contest. You all did a terrific job, and the only thing missing was being able to sample the goodies!


Registered Frostfans can cast one vote for your favorite Night Huntress Virtual Bake-off entry between October 25 and October 30. Registration is easy. You can register here.

You can cast your vote for your favorite by going to the following link:

Entries 1 through 7

Entries 8 through 14


Frostfans Poll Winner : $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Judge’s Selection: a selected t-shirt from the Jeaniene Frost T-shirt shop

Winners will be announced at the Haunted by Your Touch Release Party on October 31. Details on the release party

***International entries welcome but you may be subject to import taxes, surcharges, and duties which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Check out the Printfection website for more information.

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First Blood Contest Voting: Round Two

Well, round one of voting over at the First Blood Contest resulted in a 3-way tie! So, please go over there and vote again. The poll closes November 1st at 10 p.m. Mountain Time. Don't wait! Go vote!

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Under the Radar FanFic Recs: An Unsuitable Playmate

Hey, vamp lovers!  This is VampLover1 filling in for tvgirl this week.  I’m here to recommend An Unsuitable Playmate by Cherokee Viking, the author’s first SVM fanfic story.  Well, sort of her first.  She began publishing about 1/3 of this story earlier in the year under the title Eric’s Pet but stopped updating to revamp (ha ha) her story over the summer. She has completely rewritten the story in its entirety and has been posting regularly since mid-September. As her totally unbiased beta (ahem), I wanted to share this gem with you.  It’s an offbeat, fun story that does not feature Sookie as a character; however, if you can keep an open mind and give feisty Julia a chance with the Viking vampire, you won’t be disappointed.
Fic Name: An Unsuitable Playmate
Author: Cherokee Viking
Rating:  M  Romance/Humor
Published:  September 11, 2010
Status:  In Progress
Word Count:  33,216 to date
Chapters: 13 to date (18 total)
Average Reviews per Chapter: 16

Author’s summary of the fic
Spunky college student Julia works part time as a vamp blood donor to make ends meet. But her newest client has more in mind than a snack. Be careful who you play with, little girl - vampires play for keeps. AU.

Reviewer’s notes
This story takes place in Dallas, not Bon Temps, in the months just prior to the events of Dead Until Dark. Sookie Stackhouse does not have a place in this tale (or in Eric’s heart), since Julia Johnston occupies that spot. For now, anyway. The author has already started work on a sequel, intending to write a series of stories featuring Eric and Julia.

Imagine a love interest for Eric who is funny, Mensa-level smart, well-educated, pragmatic and quirky (and isn’t blonde or telepathic). In this universe, college senior Julia works part-time as a blood donor for vamps at an upscale hotel. Her life changes, of course, when she meets a sexy new customer who wants to spice things up. What starts as wild and playful feeding sessions soon develops into an unexpected (and permanent) bond between them. Julia must also deal with an outrageous family, nosy sorority sisters, job hunting and finals as she adjusts to her bonded life with a vampire.

The interactions between Julia and Eric are playful and humorous; the things that come out of her mouth and pop into her head at times will make you laugh out loud. She worries about Eric being “a serial bonder.” When confronted by her horrified parents about Eric's prominent role in vampire politics, she jokes that at least she's not involved with a "vampire slacker." And when Eric explains how vampires like to “mark” their human property, she tells him she’s glad vampires don’t pee. Hard to imagine Sookie thinking like that!

And Eric is so…Eric. We see glimpses of the vampire we know and love in the books, but something different as well. The third-person narrative allows us to observe how the relationship and bond affect him, unlike the limiting perspective of Sookie’s first-person point-of-view. Julia brings out a more playful side to Eric, and yes, he is even downright creepy at times. But it’s all good. When he tries to show his romantic side by sending her roses and a note, we see his possessive nature and her very human reaction:

Julia unfolded the note and read aloud, “Julia, I will pick you up at midnight. Plan to remain with me until Tuesday morning. You belong to me, Eric." 
Julia looked at Eric skeptically. “No wonder the flowers were so spectacular. They had to make up for the note.”

In this world, Godric is Eric’s maker, and he’s a wonderful addition to the story. When he and Pam unexpectedly show up at Julia’s sorority house one night, he comes bearing a thoughtful gift for his child’s new lover: the book, The Womanly Art of Vampire Feeding. Pam is her usual snarky self, bursting with excitement when she can share paint chips and fabric samples with her sire’s new love.

One of the best scenes is when Eric wants to meet Julia’s anti-vampire parents. Julia’s mother, Gwen, is a piece of work, more concerned with “what will the neighbors think?” than her daughter’s happiness. When Eric finally comes to rescue Julia from her family (who are ready to subject her to multiple transfusions to purge his vampire blood from her), his glorious exit is marred by the fact his shoes are dirty:

“Maybe you could take your shoes off,” Julia suggested. “The carpet’s new.”

“I came and rescued you from certain draining! I will not leave carrying my shoes,” Eric said indignantly.

“Don’t move! Wait right there,” Gwen ordered and disappeared down the hall. In a moment she reappeared carrying a roll of paper towels.

“Walk on this,” Gwen instructed as she unrolled a trail from the bathroom to the front door. 

Julia is practical, too, a good match for Eric. Rather than face the thought of moving home after graduation and working for “the mother,” she considers whether her bond to Eric might result in her getting a job with him. When confronted by the reality that she is now bonded to a vampire, she does what any modern, intelligent woman would do: she researches the Internet for more information. She’s not whiny, either, or doubting in her feelings, once she comes to understand them. Perhaps that is the most pleasant change from the books: their relationship isn’t a struggle.  Julia is able to humor Eric and accept his vampiric nature. And he belongs to her just as much as she does to him.

No mushy endearments like “lover” fill the pages, but you do need to get used to him calling her “pet.” Frequently. Even if you’re a die-hard Sookie fan, you should give the story a shot. This well-written adventure will make you forget all about the telepathic barmaid. For a little while, anyway.

Why you should read it
If the review didn’t get you popping on over to the fic, here are some more reasons to check it out:

  • Humorous dialogue and situations
  • Refreshing, light-hearted take in an alternate universe
  • A witty, spirited heroine whom readers can relate to
  • Story is complete, only a few more chapters to be posted
  • Planned sequels   

If you have any fics you’d recommend be reviewed for this feature, or you’d like to review one yourself, please e-mail us at or visit our contact page. And for more fic recs from other SVM authors and readers, check out sapfirerose's blog, My SVM Addiction

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Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 30
DEADLINE: Sunday, October 31 @ Midnight PST
In honor of Halloween, this week’s theme: candy.

Friday, October 22, 2010 Giveaway! is a new fanfiction archive site for stories all over fandom. This site is created and monitored by fanfiction writers and readers. The site's goal is to provide a reliable, stable, and easy-to-use source for all fanfiction stories. There are many features that are similar to plus much more.

To celebrate the site's launch the site announced it's very first giveaway!  And the prizes are for writers AND readers!  All you have to do is register and use the site.
The Prizes: Two $50 Gift Cards!

To win a prize all you have to do is go on to the site and review the stories there and/or post your own.  

From October 11 to November 11, every time you review a story on the site, you will be entered for a chance to win one $50 gift card.  Likewise, every time you publish a book, or story, you will be entered for a chance to win one $50 gift card.

That means the more you enter the more reviews or stories you post, the higher your odds of winning.  And if you post both, your chances increase more.

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Night Huntress Virtual Bake-Off

Hey there lovelies! There are only a few more days left to enter the Night Huntress Halloween Virtual Bake-off Contest!

If you are fan of the Night Huntress series and Jeaniene Frost, love to bake, or just want to have some fun, please come on over to and consider submitting a yummy entry for the contest.

And that not all! Jeanine Frost has a new short story,
Night's Darkest Embrace, appearing in the anthology Haunted by Your Touch, to be released on October 26, 2010. Stop by the frostfans forum for the Haunted by Your Touch release party on October 31. It's sure to be a fun night!

Now the Night Huntress Virtual Bake-off Contest Details:

Hey Frosties!

Are you making lots of goodies for your trick or treaters? Baking or making some fun Halloween confection? Well, put a little Night Huntress spin on your creation, an enter the Night Huntress Virtual Bake-off. Entering is easy!

Maybe you make a delightfully luscious "Cat's Cherry Pie" or have been known to bake the ever popular "Lucifer's Bouncing Balls".Perhaps you can scare up some delicous "Denise's Demon Brand Cookies". Whatever your favorite Halloween treat, give it a Night Huntress theme and enter our virtual bake off!

To enter:

You must be a registered member of frostfans to enter. Registration is easy. You can register here.

Make your Night Huntress Halloween treat and don't forget to give it a spooktacular presentation!

Take a digital picture of your entry, then upload to an image hosting service (like imageshack, photobucket, or flickr, for example) so you can link to it when you submit your entry.

Name your confection and write a sentence or two explaining your inspiration.

Post a picture of your treat, a brief description, and your inspiration here starting October 7 through October 24.

The thread will close for submissions at 11:59pm EST on October 24.


All the entries will be displayed on the frostfans chat forum. All registered frosties can vote for their favorite from October 25 to October 30.

Prizes will be awarded to the top entry in the Frostfan community voting poll and another winner will be selected by the Judges Panel.

Winners will be announced at the Haunted by Your Touch Release Party on October 31.more details on the release party:


Frostfans Poll Winner : $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Judge's Selection: a selected t-shirt from the Jeaniene Frost T-shirt shop

So get out your spatulas, mixers and imagination, and have some fun!

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! Happy Baking!

***International entries welcome but you may be subject to import taxes, surcharges, and duties which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Check out the Printfection website for more information.

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Kiss a Cook Contest Winner

Congratulations to Pfloogs72 for winning the Kiss a Cook Contest with her story, Baby's Got Sauce!  Don't forget to give her all the review love she deserves!

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Under the Radar FanFic Recs: Sookie the Vampire Slayer

I found this week’s rec, Sookie the Vampire Slayer by Sleepy Lotus, through scribeninja who has been pimping it on Twitter and the recommendation thread. A number of our fave authors and readers quickly jumped on board to read this fic on scribeninja’s urging. You won’t be disappointed!

This is Sleepy Lotus’ second fic for the SVM fandom, and she has written two for True Blood, as well.
Fic Name: Sookie the Vampire Slayer
Sleepy Lotus
Published: July 14, 2010
Status: In Progress
Word Count: 21,220
Chapters: 8
Average Reviews per Chapter: 25*

Author’s summary of the fic
In an alternative universe in which Sookie kicks ass, she and Sheriff Northman have a history. S/E.

Reviewer’s notes
* This fic averaged fewer than 20 per chapter when it was brought to my attention, but scribeninja’s aweseomsauce pimping has helped the fic gain some readers. We hope this review garners even more fans for Sleepy Lotus!

So I’ve totally cheated in writing up this review. While everyone was all “atwitter” on Twitter (hardy har har) I asked them to tell me what they loved most about Sookie the Vampire Slayer. I am reading and absolutely love this story myself, but I’m also of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset, so I’m just going to tell you why people are loving this fic in their own words.

scribeninja says:
I love the way the author gets across the raw emotion and chemistry of Eric and Sookie's relationship. It's fantastic and beautiful.

I love how it's hot without being explicit.

I love the story. Sookie is strong-willed, perhaps a bit too stubborn for her own good, but she's also been able to admit when she's wrong. Eric is that tough, cocky badass we know him to be, but he also admits that he's in love with her. Very much like Spike [from Buffy the Vampire Slayer]: "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it." And the relief Eric feels when Sookie finally lets him in is so palpable, and heartbreaking, because we, the readers, know why she's doing it.

sarahblueiris says:
Sookie is both slapable and lovable. Eric breaks your heart, you just want to give him cuddles and it's just so well written!

This fic is different from anything else I've read. The writing sucks you in, watching Sookie change from a hard ass to a person again.

I love Eric being so vulnerable, but BAMF, too! I don't have the words to say how awesome this fic is!

EtheHunter says:
I think it's very well written. I was struck by the clear and consistent voice in this story. Alternating POVs are well done.

I liked the canon characterizations in a truly alternate universe. The fic is AU from the beginning, but you really feel like this is canon Eric and Sookie.

There is such mature emotional depth here. Sookie and Eric have both aged about ten years from the beginning of their story and while they retain their distinct characters, you truly feel like time has passed meaningfully for them as individuals.

Why you should read it
If the review didn’t get you popping on over to the fic, here are some more reasons to check it out:
- In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big proponent of a formidable, intelligent and pragmatic Sookie Stackhouse. This fic serves that up in spades.
- Vulnerability without losing his sense of strength is how I like my Eric. Oh, hi there! *waves*
- So far, eight chapters in, no Bill Compton. LOL.

If you have any fics you’d recommend be reviewed for this feature, or you’d like to review one yourself, please e-mail us at or visit our contact page. And for more fic recs from other SVM authors and readers, check out sapfirerose’s blog, My SVM Addiction.

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Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 29
DEADLINE: Sunday, October 24 @ Midnight PST
I have no fear what the future holds so long as I am purely me in this moment.

Thank you to the insightful dazed-rose for this week’s challenge!

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First Blood Contest Voting

It's time to vote for your favorite First Blood Contest story!  You have until October 24th, 10 p.m. Mountain Time to vote.  Don't forget to review your favorite entries as well as cast your vote!

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Kiss a Cook Contest Voting

It's time to vote for your favorite Kiss a Cook story!  You have until Sunday, October 17th to vote.  And don't forget to show some review love while you're there.

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Alexander Skarsgård's True Blood Script Notes!

When we wished Alexander Skarsgård happy birthday at the end of August, we mentioned some great opportunities to donate to charity in his honor. This included The Battle of the Fang over at, where Alex was helping to raise money for SOS Children's Villages.

It was a VERY close contest and, in the end, it was the charities and those they serve that are the real winners.

Fans of Alexander Skarsgård helped raise over $35,000 for SOS Children's Villages programs. According to the official press release, "Thanks to Mr. Skarsgård’s efforts, the majority of the funds were directly donated through the SOS web site. The auction of two True Blood television scripts on eBay – each one personally annotated and autographed by Mr. Skarsgard – brought in additional funds."

Well, our fandom pal @Sherry2227 was the lucky bidder on Alex's True Blood scripts from episodes #303 ("It Hurts Me Too") and #306 ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"), and she was kind enough to share pictures of Alex's personal script notes!

Thanks for sharing, Sherry!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bon Temps Library: Dark Lover Book Review

Dark Lover: Black Dagger Brotherhood (Book One), By J.R. Ward

Learn more here.

Available in Paperback, on Kindle and the audio version is available at (416 pages)

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Synopsis (from Barnes & Noble):
The first novel of J.R. Ward's New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series features a unique take on vampire lore and heavy doses of sensuality. The vampire Darius fears for the life of his half-breed daughter, who is unaware of her unusual destiny. To oversee her transformation, Darius seeks help from Wrath, a dangerous loner and the world's only purebred vampire.

When Sookie stopped by the Bon Temps Library this week, she mentioned she was going to be heading out of town to a wedding. Since it was a fairly long car ride, she was looking for an engaging read. Once I found out she hadn't yet read the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, I told her she HAD to check out Dark Lover by J.R. Ward.

Dark Lover is the first book in this Urban Fantasy series centering around the centuries old war between the Vampires and the Lessers. The Vampires are a separate species from humans. Vampires live among human but have long life spans, inability to stand sunlight, and while they eat food, they feed upon the blood of the opposite sex. The Lessers, in a nutshell, are former humans who have sold their souls to the Omega. In Dark Lover we are introduced to the King of the Vampires, the only pureblood vampire left, Wrath.
Wrath is a reluctant King, a warrior with a chip on his shoulder and no desire to lead. He is the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood a small band of lethal warriors leading the fight against the Lessers.

Now at this point Sookie said, hmm I don't know if I am interested in that books. So I said wait, let me just read you the first couple sentences of the book:
“Darius looked around the club, taking in the teeming, half-naked bodies on the dance floor. Screamer's was packed tonight, full of women wearing leather and men who looked like they had advanced degrees in violent crime.

Darius and his companion fit right in.

Except they actually were killers.”

And then Sookie whipped out her library card and checked out the book.

Why check out this book?
Dark Lover doesn't disappoint. J.R. Ward hits just the right balance of angst upon the part of the main character, action between the Vampires and Lessers and she is amazingly skilled at intimate scenes that are descriptive and express the passion of the characters.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Resurrecting the Dead: Under the Radar FanFic Recs: Mine

This week we're Resurrecting the Dead with a rec from early 2009 by none other than the heavily lemon-scented FarDareisMai2, who has written 19 fics for SVM. That’s right Twihards, FDM got her fanfic start writing for the SVM fandom.

FarDareisMai2 won last year’s Summer of '69 One-Shot Contest with Hamburger Hill, and she is widely known (2,500+ reviews!) and beloved for her popular AH fic, House of Flesh On Fire (Google the title and the top result is Chapter 11). Most recently, FDM’s tale of Eric and England’s King Charles II, Restoration, won 1st place in the Judges’ Round of The Age of Eric Contest.

It’s hard to believe FDM has a fic that falls into our Under the Radar parameters (less than 20 reviews per chapter), but I’m guessing it won’t for long!

Fic Name: Mine

Rating: M
Published: February 4, 2009
Status: Complete
Word count: 2,161
Chapters: 4
Average Reviews per Chapter: 15

Author’s summary of the fic
This is how I think things between Sookie, Eric and Quinn should have played out in Definitely Dead.

Reviewer's summary of the fic
In Defintely Dead, Eric got Bill to finally tell Sookie the truth about his reasons for returning to Bon Temps. But that didn’t clear Eric’s path to Sookie; Quinn was still in the way. Not for long!

Reviewer’s notes
FDM’s first fic. Canon and spoilers through Definitely Dead (partially).

This fic sets pieces of Definitely Dead from Eric’s POV and then, after a “what if” moment, takes the story in a direction I’m sure we (and Eric) all wish it could have gone. Eric is his true unapologetically vamp self in this fic (yay!) and I love the results of him going to the ultimate extreme to clear a path to our favorite telepathic barmaid, Sookie Stackhouse.

This is a really quick read, and I don’t want to give too much away… Check it out. You Quinn haters won’t be sorry!

Why you should read it
If the review didn’t get you popping on over to the fic, here are some more reasons to check it out:
- It’s by FDM. What else do you need to know?

If you have any fics you’d recommend be reviewed for this feature, or you’d like to review one yourself, please e-mail us at or visit our contact page. And for more fic recs from other SVM authors and readers, check out sapfirerose’s blog, My SVM Addiction.

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7 Deadly Sins Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to SlackerDee at for winning both the judges' pick and the public vote for the 7 Deadly Sins Contest!  Her story, Taking Chances, was the judges' favorite, and Bonfires, Tequila and Cameras won the popular vote.  Go give the woman some review love and make her feel like the double winner she is!

Call for Manuscripts

So you like to write Fan Fiction, but do you have what it takes to become a published author of original fiction?

As a fellow fan fiction reader, author and beta, I know there is a ton of great talent within our SVM community! If you’ve ever considered expanding upon your story ideas and reworking them with your own original characters, please contact me.

I am Allison, a content editor for an online publisher currently seeking original, quality manuscripts of stories between 35,000-90,000 words in erotica, romance and paranormal sub-genres. I work for Lyrical Press, Inc., a New York based digital-first independent publisher. We provide authors with a reliable and pleasant home for their books while offering readers an eclectic mix of quality titles. Lyrical Press offers Print On Demand for select titles over 60,000 words.

We do NOT accept fan fiction, screenplays, young adult, inspirational and poetry works. At this time Lyrical Press is closed to self-published and/or previously-published works.

I work with a variety of authors, although my preferred genres are romance and paranormal romance (including vampire stories, of course!) I recommend you check out our website to learn more about us:

If you think Lyrical Press might be a good match for your manuscript, or if you have any questions, please contact me directly. I will only consider submissions within my preferred genres at this contact address:

Looking forward to seeing what creative tales and talent you have to offer!

Allison Lee, Content Editor

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 28
DEADLINE: Sunday, October 17 @ Midnight PST
There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works. --Will Rogers

Don't forget to visit (and subscribe to) our community over at where you can read all the great Weekly One-Shot Challenge stories, including our newest by GaijinVamp in which Bill meets his final.  I know GaijinVamp must be feeling better now.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Sookieverse @ Live Journal

Yesterday nycsnowbird posted a great tutorial on how to use Live Journal and mentioned a community that makesmyheadspin and ChanelAddict created for our fandom, The Sookieverse @ Live Journal.

sookieverse_lj is a place to find your favorite SVM/True Blood authors from on livejournal.

All relationships pairings are welcome. Fics are tagged by author, major characters, fandom (SVM or TB) and fic rating. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged, but flame wars and trolling are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

So whether you're looking for a place to back up the stories you've already posted to, or you're hoping to broaden your reader base, go check out sookieverse_lj when you get a chance and post away!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A LiveJournal Tutorial

ponderings by nycsnowbird

There are additional sites to put your fanfic stories on and I am going to talk about LiveJournal because I've been using it now since about March when several stories by the creator and my cowriter of THE ARRANGEMENT came under fire on FFNet and were summarily removed before any sort of warning. We immediately moved to LiveJournal where we can post MA rated stories without fear or reprisal.

First you need to sign up. This will allow you to post in communities that welcome you. LiveJournal is a collection of "communities" which are accessible much like FFNet once you get the hang of them. You can search for your interest. Southern Vampire Novels or Southern Vampire Mysteries as most people know it, True Blood, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Robin Hood, etc. You will contact the community you wish to join by PMing a maintainer or moderator, depending on the community rules specified in the profile, to obtain posting access. It is rare but there are some communities that will troll for members and, too, new communities will invite friends of the maintainers/moderators to get started.

I spoke with makesmyheadspin about Live Journal as she has created the sookieverse_lj which SVM writers are encouraged to join and post their stories under the banner of. She got the idea when a fellow writer's story was pulled for no apparent reason on FFNet and she thought what was needed was another site to encourage other SVM authors to go post their work with essentially no restrictions. Her community is co-run by ChanelAddict who has been responsible for the layout and banners you see there. They're both a whiz at HTML and post their work in HTML format rather than Rich Text which is the LJ default.

For the purpose of this article, though, I am speaking in terms of rich text formatting only. I am not up on my HTML and don't feel comfortable with tags. This is completely a preference, mind you.

Makesmyheadspin says most communities will grant posting access at the time a user joins a community. She suggested that if you have no intention to post to a community but would like to be updated on what is happening within it, you are better off watching the community as opposed to joining it. Watching a community will still get you updates when you look at your friend's page but you will be unable to post anything other than a comment. Signing up also allows you to create your own community. TexanLady and I created ours as tex_nyc. In this shared community, we have a bunch of one-shots, the ongoing The Arrangement saga and side stories to Arrangement.

• Note: Unlike BLOGGER, LJ does not allow two people to be working on the community at the same time as an administrator. If you want to share the site with another writer as we've done, you must be amenable to sharing login and password info because your partner(s) will not be able to make changes to the stories without it.

Okay, so you've signed up and picked a password and login. You may wish to add a user pic. Go into settings and start personalizing your account. 

Link yourself back to FFNet via your profile. (see the edit button under Basic Info to add in website) I would suggest not listing a lot of personal information as profiles are open to all to see. Don't put in your city as a location, don't list your birth year and keep your biographical info short.

Go through Account Settings and click what features you wish to engage. Personally, I don't want Twitter involved with my Facebook account or LiveJournal interfacing with either. If I want to do a shout out about something I've written on LJ, I will do so on my own.

I suggest IP Address Logging as a function because it allows you to track potentially hostile commenters back to their city, country and internet provider if you do a trace. It makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing that if I ever am threatened or abused, I can look someone up. I also do not allow
comments to people who have not "friended" me. Registered users only. No hit and runs.

There are a lot of tabs under Settings and you should spend a bit of time familiarizing yourself with them and their functions before you start posting.

Another thing to consider is how you wish LJ to handle notifications.

I prefer less intrusion. I do not want to be IM'd or texted or have LJMessenger open in order to be notified someone has commented on a posting I've got in my community. Email and the inbox on LJ are more than enough for me. You may want more interaction, these are choices you need to make.

This is the edit mode of a journal entry. When I click SAVE ENTRY, that is the same as PUBLISH.

(1) Make sure the right community is listed for the publication of your posting. As I am in several communities, I have to be careful not to post to the wrong one.
(2) Userpic: You have a choice depending on whether you have uploaded several user pics for yourself.
(3) Name your chapter or article
(4) By default, the page will be in Rich Text Mode. If you wish to embed images, I'd suggest moving to HTML to work there. (more on that later)
You can see under the subject, you have formatting options. B for bold, I for italics, U for underline, ABC crossed out for just that. (5) is for the color of your text. Depending on how you set up your community, you may wish to play around with different colors for your text. (6) is CONFUSING! I will tell you right now, DO NOT paste direct from an MSWord doc. There's all sorts of extraneous data (personal data!) that gets embedded into your article you definitely do not want out there. You will see it if you go to your browser menu and choose Page Source. And again, if you choose to post your entries as HTML, this problem does not affect you.

I take my text into a very plain text editor from MSWord and then paste from there. My hard drive info and my real name isn't showing up in my chapters anymore in the html. The extraneous MSWord info., also, messes with character sizing and attributes and you will be tearing your hair out when you try to fix paragraph breaks MSWord puts in your post as opposed to a simple text editing program. You can also type direct into the entry form, just like I am doing now in Blogger. WYSIWYG. MSWord sees the size options differently than other text editors. You will be unhappy trying to get your article to look right if you don't pull the text out of it as I've suggested doing.

(7) is a cut function of LJ. It truncates your article to a line or paragraph with a 'read more' advisory (which you can change the wording of if you prefer) below that is clickable. Does that make sense? Let me try it again. Say you have an article that goes down a full page. It's going to be listed with a bunch of others on a page. Well, you don't want your readers having to scroll through your entire post in order to find the previous post. This cut function acts like a teaser.

Look at how I've set this up. See the greyed sentences? My teaser is everything prior to that grey. So on the index page, people see the name of my story, they acknowledge it's a side-story, they know who it's written by and they get 3 sentences of the entire story before they see a READ MORE button that will bring the entire story down for them in a different screen.

How I've done this is to place my mouse at the end of the sentence (8) I wanted to include in my teaser and then I've highlighted all the way down to the very end of the entry. When all of it is highlighted, I click that button (see #7 again) and up will come a CUT LINK TEXT pull down. You click yes. OR you can alter the name from READ MORE to CONTINUED or whatever else you'd like your readers to see. Remember, all it is is a clickthrough to get them to read the rest of the entry.

makesmyheadspin provided me with a screenshot of hers in use via HTML below.

Back to the original screenshot of mine, though, if you're html challenged like me and are doing this all in rich text.
(9) is the tag area. I label all fics now "fic:(name of fic) and a chapter number, as in: fic: The Arrangement 057. This makes the chapters a lot easier to find and jump to from the index page. You can play with this to see what works for you. It's all alterable. If you join a community, you would label according to the community standards.

(10) This is where you rate your entry. Is it Adult Concepts, is it No Adult Concepts or Explicit Adult Concepts? You need to be honest here. If it's got lemons, it's explicit.

(11) Who will see your entry? You may wish to keep it all private till you're ready to publish. It may be friends only. It may be public.

You also have spell check options and a preview. Preview is definitely a good idea to make sure you have paragraph breaks uniform and the overall look is what you intended to convey. When I am embedding images, that preview is instrumental.

(12) Save entry. Self explanatory.

Now for some harder lessons ...
LJ allows approximately 11200 words in each entry. If your posting is longer, you will need to create breaks and they must be contiguous. Meaning, chapter 57 at 27000 words now becomes chapter 57-1 at 11,000 words, chapter 57-2 at 11,000 words etc. And note, if you're still intent on using MSWord, this is when you find out how much extraneous garbage it adds to a chapter because you will not be able to size your chapters to 11,200 words. This garbage is all invisible to your eyes but it IS there and LJ picks it up when you copy and paste. Depending on how I've formatted MSWord docs, sometimes LJ will only take 3500 words. Or 4000. Don't use MSWord!

Posting Options
You can post your work directly to the community but be sure to remember to use a LiveJournal cut so your story won't drape over the entire page and annoy readers. Notice in the above screenshot where it has my name as poster (1) and indicates the community I am posting to. That is alterable and any community you join will be listed as an option there as well. You must remember to switch to the community you want your post to appear in if you post to several because the default is always your own journal page.

makesmyheadspin suggests posting back to something currently on your own journal, it's her preferred method and allows her to more management over her story and comments. In order to do this, she says, you'll need to use an HTML link she's provided a screenshot of below. Sigh. HTML can be so beautiful in the right hands.

You can also link your FFNet posts to a community.
< a href="this is the link to the site you want to appear in">the name you want to call your link< /A > Remove quotation marks in code. Remove extra spacing or this won't work!

Pros for LiveJournal
  • Encourages a social climate where authors can have discussions with their reviewers that you don't get in FFNet. 
  • There's no limit on the amount of postings an author or a reader can do on any given chapter.
  • You can embed video, graphics, animated graphics inside your story via HTML links to an external  host like photobucket and the many others out there.
  • Big avatars allowed as well as animated gifs and graphics can be left in comments as well.
  • You can screen comments and even disallow anonymous comments if you wish.
  • You can track comments by IP#s which is handy when you're dealing with a hit-and-run nasty comment. You'll see the repeats, you will know you're dealing with a single user. If you're adept, you can even trace the IP back to the user.
  • Your first amendment rights stand. There is no censoring. MA allowed.
  • You will not have your story pulled because of the self appointed watchdogs of FFNet.
  • You can go it alone and set up your own community or join the one makesmyhead spin has created to post your stories. She offers a 'Welcome Kit' with basic coding info. for all who are HTML challenged.
  • You can make edits on your entries without having to remove them entirely and repost like FFNet does. 
Negatives for LiveJournal
  • You're not there already.

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Area Five Fanfic Challenge: Human Meets Fangs

    Area Five is a new Adult fanfiction archive for the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood fandoms. They are hosting their first fanfic challenge in hopes of bringing new blood to their site.


    We have all read the books and/or seen the show. We know how Sookie met her first vampire. Bill Compton walked into Merlotte's one night, opening up a whole new world for Sookie. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Area Five wants you to rewrite history.

    For Area Five's first challenge, we want stories of humans/non-vampires meeting a vampire for the first time. It is not limited to just Sookie. Tells us about human Eric meeting his first vampire, or how Pam met Eric. You are not restricted to canon either. How about vampire Sookie returning to Bon Temps for the first time since she was turned and meeting human Bill.

    The Rules are simple:
    • Human meets vampire.
    • Characters from both Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood are allowed.
    • 1,000 word minimum, no maximum.
    • All stories must be complete by November 27th.
    • All ratings allowed. But, please remember we are an adult fan fiction archive.
    • All fics must have a beta (no exceptions)
    • You may enter as many stories as you like. Collaborations are welcome.

    Please be advised! Area Five contains fics of an ADULT nature. If you are under the age of 18, they apologise but, you are not welcome there.

    If you are under 18 we suggest a general rating archive such as fanfiction, fandomfiction,, the Alexander Skarsgård Library or Sookieverse on Live Journal.

    Just a reminder - there are MANY ongoing contests in our fandom right now!
    We do our best to keep our calendar up to date, so you can check there for contest start dates and deadlines.

    THE AGE OF ERIC - winners were announced here.

    7 DEADLY SINS - public voting is open through October 7.

    KISS A COOK - currently in judging stage, public voting to open soon!

    ERIC'S FIRST BLOOD - contest deadline extended to October 12.

    I WRITE THE SONGS - deadline October 30.

    A NEW CHAPTER - for newbie writers/virgin All-Human writers only; deadline November 12.