Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 18
DEADLINE: Sunday, August 8 @ Midnight PST
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
                                                                               –Martin Luther King, Jr.

I hope you like this one!  Last week's has already inspired two great fics and I suspect we'll see some more.  Don't forget to subscribe to the Weekly One-Shot Challenge thread over on fanfiction so you'll get alerts when the new stories and challenges are posted.  Happy writing!


Friday, July 30, 2010

How To Run A Writing Contest - part 3

Yesterday I discussed correspondence, anonymity, GUMS, judges and setting up a forum (whew). I told you, it was more work than you thought and there's still more to go!


Autographed photo of Alexander Skarsgard
Indigobuni said: “Have your prizes nailed down beforehand.” Start gathering your prizes immediately for your contest if you intend to award actual merchandise. You will be amazed what's available on the web. Comb through eBay as well. I was able to strike a deal with a vendor in Hong Kong for mouse pads for the judges and contest winners by ordering in quantity. It's not mandatory, but we gave a gift to the judges of the Dead Pan Contest as a way of saying thanks for their time. I know other hosts have done this as well.  And a quick codicil-if you use eBay, get yourself a PayPal account because most sellers use it now. Go only with sellers with very high feedback numbers and near perfect to perfect feedback scores.

Bristol Board original artwork from Sarah Silva

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How To Run A Writing Contest - part 2

Yesterday I stopped at blog creation. I'm picking up today with an organizational heavyweight.


This is accomplished by a simple bunch of keystrokes inside your login options on FFNet. Click on the Forums tab. Go to My Forums. Title is the name of your contest. Category, again, choose Books and then SVM. Language is English. Summary is a simple lookup for individuals on FFNet. 'Info for X' (x being your contest name). Topics: Allow All. Profanity filter: I chose No. You may opt for something else. Images: this refers to being able to see posters' avatars. Choose yes. You have now created a new forum that will appear in the Southern Vampire Mysteries book community here:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How To Run A Writing Contest - part 1 of 3

So you want to run a writing contest on FFNet.

I am going to talk from personal experience and bring in dialogue from a few former hosts in the Sookieverse forum as well for this article.

First, you need a theme that will be fun and exciting and is sure to engender interest in the creative community. You want to encourage as many entries as possible to make the contest more interesting.

The buzz of a lot of entries seems to ignite more participation. Don’t make your theme restrictive so that every entry will read the same. Let your writers unleash their creativity!

Get yourself a co-host … or two. Contests are a huge commitment of time. Every former contest host I spoke to stressed the amount of work their contests turned out to be. Indigobuni warned: “If it’s going to feel like a chore to do it, then don’t. If you’re going to run it with a partner, make sure that partner is committed as well.”

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Got A Right To Sing The Blues - S3E06

 recap by nycsnowbird

I GOT A RIGHT TO SING THE BLUES (aka ... actually no, that says it precisely for me, too)

Episode written by the lord high executioner of all CH book material himself, Alan Ball (be aware, folk—he’ll be writing the season ender too)

The episode starts with a slo-mo king dragging Sookie into his home. Lorena is coming down the stairs in another oh-so-chic outfit, Eric comes out of the library in that incredible blue sweater. Bill is tossed unceremoniously to the floor of the king’s foyer.

The King says Bill has been lying and must die. How does THIS lying differ from being caught lying about the dossier he was keeping on Sookie, you have to wonder. “What’s happened?” Lorena asks worriedly. He’s been hiding Sookie's unusual abilities and the king obviously wants whatever she is in his court. Bill picks this time, in a room full of vampires, to grab a banister post and stake one of the king’s guards. Poorly played, Bill. I laughed out loud thinking of an old Clue game: in the foyer-with a banister post-Bill Compton.

Years of acting classes, 4 auditions to get the part, 3 week wait, 2 hrs. of makeup, 4 seconds of screen time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 17
DEADLINE: Sunday, August 1 @ Midnight PST
Give Sookie your job/career/life and see what happens.

Let her fly, ladies!  --Suki59

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trouble - S3E05

 recap by nycsnowbird
TROUBLE S3E05 (aka Oh We Got Trouble, Right Here in Jackson City, With a Capital "T", That Rhymes with "B", That Stands for blood)

Episode written by Nancy Oliver

I feel like one of the Gumbys from a recurring Monty Python’s Flying Circus skit. “My brain hurts!”

What is up with Franklin dressing up Tara and arranging her hair? I feel like he is playing Dress Up Barbie. And Talbot is talking to Tara as if she’s a dog he’s trying to get a tail wag out of.

Talbot complains Tara and Franklin are at odds with his decor? There seems to be a long fractious history between Franklin and Talbot as Franklin calls Talbot a cleaning lady and Talbot slicks down his angry fangs. What is going on here? Seriously? Why is Tara just off the entryway of the compound tied up with Franklin working at hair arrangement while Talbot taunts?

Piss Off!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 16
DEADLINE: Sunday, July 25 @ Midnight PST
Always forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

I hope this one sets your keyboards on fire!  --Suki59

Chatroom open: Northman's Playground

Wanna Chat?
Every Sinday we meet on the playground to cringe over another episode of True Blood!

We welcome you to join us during the episode to chat:

Northman's Playground

Password: Northman

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How To: Buttons/Badges

Okay, so we got a few people asking how do you add a button/badge to your blog. As I'm terrible at explaining things, I will try to make this as clear as possible, but if you still don't get it, there are several tutorials on line. Google: Grab My Button Tutorial. :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let Them Eat Birthday Cake Challenge

tvgirl here! *waves*

We have quite a few fandom birthdays coming up in the latter half of July. And you know how we like to celebrate birthdays in The Sookieverse. With fics!

MissusT and I were tweeting about this, wondering how on earth we would be able to write that many fics! I mean, she probably could, the pro that she is, being inducted several times over into the
The 1000 Year Old Viking club and all. But, I'm still a newbie, so there was just no way! So I jumped all over MissusT's brilliant idea of throwing out a little Writers' Challenge in honor of our dear hearts.

In honor of Lubadub (7/16), ericizmine (7/16), nycsnowbird (7/20) seastarr08 (7/21), Zhivago3 (7/23), Kristin Elizabeth (7/27) and LindsayK (7/30), MissusT and I say, "Let them eat birthday cake!"

Challenge dates: 7/16 - 7/30 (Lub's and ericizmine's b-days to Linds' b-day)

Challenge: Write a one-shot that somehow features cake, birthday cake or birthday in general. Canon, AH, Crossovers, etc. All are welcome.

Example: The Birthday Girl by makesmyheadspin (not written for this challenge)

Want to make our birthday girls squee? Write one or all into your story! And, um, *blushes* while lemons aren't required, they are highly valued. I mean, just look at who our birthday girls are. They're among our community's steamiest writers. Give 'em a little citrus, why don't ya!

Please include in your Story Summary "Written for the Let Them Eat Birthday Cake Challenge" and let us know when you post a story by adding a comment to this post., and don't forget to pimp it on the threads at The Sookieverse, such as Plug your Southern Vampire Mysteries FanFic!. Also, please honor our b-day gals by naming them in your A/N. Thanks to hannah09 for the awseome "Let Them Eat Birthday Cake" banner!

"Let them eat cake." - Marie Antoinette

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nine Crimes - S3E04

Recap by nycsnowbird

9 Crimes (aka Crimes Against the Fans)
episode written by Kate Barnow and Elisabeth R. Finch

Heavy sigh.

Where to begin? I feel like I’m stuck in some nightmarish loop of season 2 being forced to watch maenad inspired orgy scenes over and over again, only this time it’s the Lorena-Bill-Sookie tepid triangle and the hillbilly Mickens that are weighing down too many scenes.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Live True Blood Chat!

It is Sinday... and you know what that means! Another bloody episode of True Blood!

We welcome you to join us during the episode to chat:

Password: Northman

Don't forget your ASS pack and Gracioustins!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Some of the writers were discussing erotic language on the writers’ thread this week and onefee27 made the excellent suggestion of having a challenge where a crazy term like “knob-jockery” had to be used. Mjb84 liked “to peel someone’s banana.” VampLover1 found this site with lots of hilarious terms:

So, thank you, ladies, for this week’s one-shot idea!

Week 15
DEADLINE: Sunday, July 18 @ Midnight PST
Find and use your favorite and most ridiculous sexual slang in a story.

This one made my muse dance a jig, by the way, so I'll be posting a little ficlet very soon.  I hope I'll have lots of company this week. --Suki59

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekly One-Shot Challenge

Week 14
DEADLINE: Sunday, July 11 @ Midnight PST
It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

I hope this one gets your wheels turning!  Don't forget to post on the Weekly One-Shot Challenge thread on fanfiction once you've posted your story to your profile.  Happy writing! --Suki59

Friday, July 2, 2010

7 Deadly Sins Contest








Introducing the 7 Deadly Sins Contest, a lemony, M-Rated SVM Eric/Sookie fanfiction writing contest present by a trio of lovely ladies from and Live Journal: Meg (makesmyheadspin on FFn and LJ), Vickie (VickieL / lestrange_love) and Tammy (TammyDevil666 / musicbitch).

All entries must include something that would make us want to run to the nearest confessional and beg forgiveness for all of our impure thoughts. Lust will be required for this contest, therefore it’s required that you use at least one of the other sins at some point in your story. The more the sin, the better. If you can somehow figure out a way to use all 7 in your one shot, well, you’re our kind of writer.
Fics must feature Eric and Sookie as the main couple. Other characters are welcome to join the fun, but they shouldn’t be your main players.
All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM CST on August 15th. No more than two one-shots per author. Collaborations are allowed. Voting will open to the public on or around August 22nd. See the Contest Profile for Official Rules.

A Tribute to Night Orchid

By Suki59

Getting new writers to write and post their stories is something very near and dear to my heart. I never wrote a thing until I found fanfiction, and now I find writing to be one of the biggest joys in my life. I always encourage new writers to go for it, knowing what a difference it has made in my own life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introducing... The Age of Eric Contest!

Hello my Sookieverse darlings! Zigster is here to introduce you to The Age of Eric one-shot Contest! My cohorts, S Meadows, Chicklette, and I have been brewing this up over the past few weeks, but today it's official. July 1st. We are open for business!

What is The Age of Eric contest all about?

First and foremost, it’s about Eric. Hence his name being in the title and all. But to get down to the nitty-gritty, this is an historical fiction contest. The inspiration came from the fact that Eric Northman and his gracious, gracious plenty have been roaming the planet for over a thousand years. A Thousand years filled with incredible time periods to explore and history to tell. Yet, in the fanfiction world, Eric has stayed mostly put in the 21st Century.

This needs to change.


Can you help us?

I think you can.

To enter, all you need to do is pick a time period from either our PROFILE page or our BLOG page and then e-mail your choice to telling us what you've picked.

Then you start writing. :-)

We will start accepting story submissions on the 6th of July. So get those plot bunnies hopping.

Okay, stopping now before I get even more dorkalicious.

Ciao all!

Fic Pimping 101

tvgirl here!

*puts on pimping hat, adjusts brim*

I think it’s safe to say that reviews are to fic authors as V is to Hallow’s Were witches – what we sentimentally call review crack. Or maybe like Meth is to Alan Ball’s version of Hot Shot residents. (Oh, poor Calvin Norris – Charlaine Harris’ all-around stand-up guy is Alan Ball’s meth-head. *sigh*)

So, if you’re a first-time ficster, especially if you’re new to the fandom in general, how on earth do you get eyeballs to read your fic and click on that handy little review button?

Pimp. Your. Fic.

Yeah, it requires you to be a shameless whore. But why did you post your story in the first place if you don’t want people to read it? And, how do you get better if you don’t get feedback from readers in the form of reviews? So pimp away!

The Sookieverse recommends several forms of pimping. In no particular order, here are some suggestions:

The Plug Your Southern Vampire Mysteries FanFic! thread in The Sookieverse Forum at This is exactly what it sounds like – a place to plug your SVM fic.

The Fanfiction Recommendations thread in The Sookieverse Forum. Get your friends to pimp for you here! (Or sell your self, we won’t judge!)

Did you write a True Blood fic that you want to share with the SVM peeps? The Sookieverse Forum has a thread called TrueBlood, the HBO Series.

Whether you’ve written a new fic or updated with a new chapter, you should always pimp on the SVM Teaser Mondays thread in The Sookieverse Forum. There are a LOT of subscribers to this thread.

For pimping all of the above, we could not recommend more pimping on the blog of fellow SVM fan, sapfirerose. This blog is practically dedicated to pimping! MySVMAddiction allows you to pimp teases, new stories and chapter updates. PLUS, you can recommend fics in her weekly post, Fanfictastic Friday Recommendations. (Or have friends recommend you – remember, be shameless!)

For those of you brand new to The Sookieverse, introduce yourself (and pimp while you’re at it) at the Introduce Yourself & Chat! thread in The Sookieverse Forum.

Personal blogs – Live Journal, Tumblr, WordPress, BlogSpot – many SVM ficsters have blogs where they post their fics.

And on that note, if you do post on a blog, tell us about it here at The Sookieverse! We have an author directory to track where authors post in addition to

And finally… Twitter!!! Pimp yourself and someone will probably retweet, and so on and so forth. We like to “pay it forward” in The Sookieverse. P.S. MySVMAddiction automatically posts fic alerts to Twitter!

So there you have it folks! Be brave and shameless, and hopefully review crack will land in your inbox. Go forth and PIMP!

Think I’ve missed something? Click that comment button and let our new authors know.