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Under the Radar FanFic Recs: Do the Right Thing

I love this column and asked tvgirl if she’d mind if I took the wheel one week as a guest blogger. When she said yes, I knew immediately what I wanted to review. I picked a single story to review, but it’s really the collection of stories it belongs to that is also under the radar. The stories in this collection have two things in common: they have relatively few reviews and don’t focus on Sookie and Eric. As you might have guessed, I’m talking about When Two Wrongs Make a Right.

You can find the challenge at TwoWrongsMakeaRight.

Miss Construed, Thyra10, and sapfirerose put their noggins together to come up with the idea. They employed rascalthemutant at the Alexander Skarsgard Library to create this nifty character generator to get the ball rolling. You click on the hat, draw two names, and start writing. It’s easy and fun and a great way to explore new characters and story lines.

While the community also includes stories not written for the challenge but ones that focus on pairings other than Sookie and Eric or Sookie and Bill, there seem to be only five stories actually written specifically for the challenge, which is a crying shame. Maybe if more readers found these under-read fics, they would be inspired to click on the hat themselves, and we’d all be the richer for it.
Fic Name: Do the Right Thing
By: BathshebaRocks
Rating: T
Published: June 17, 2010
Status: Complete
Word count: 6,589
Chapters: 1
Average Reviews per Chapter: 8

Author’s summary of the fic
Written for the WhenTwoWrongsMakeaRight Challenge. When Luna Garza finds herself in trouble, she can think of only one person to turn to. Sookie returns to Dallas, but events lead to a test of character with unexpected consequences for the shifter.

Reviewer's summary of the fic
Luna Garza, a complex and troubled woman, finds herself falsely accused of a crime. She asks for help from a married and now-glamorous and powerful Sookie Northman. Sookie employs Mr. Catialades, and the case gets complicated both legally and personally.

Reviewer’s notes

• This is an outtake from BathshebaRocks’s story Secrets and Lies, but stands alone perfectly well if you’re not familiar with Secrets and Lies.
• We see an AU Sookie and Eric from a very different perspective.

Do the Right Thing is a fun and dramatic whodunit that explores a world in which Sookie and Eric are minor characters used to solve a mystery that will clear Luna Garza from false charges of murder. Told from Luna’s perspective, we see Sookie through new eyes, and even get a glimpse of a naked Eric. (Thanks for that, BathshebaRocks!)

Mr. Cataliades (who gets the perfect first name, Leo) comes on board to help, and we get to see a romantic side to this previously under-developed demon. Luna is given an opportunity to do the right thing, and we are held in suspense as she makes her choices.

You’ll recognize Charlaine Harris’s world, but explore an avenue we’ve never been down before. Ever wonder how a demon’s body temperature affects his love life? Can you imagine how a character might feel if she were not beautiful, had a low-paying job, and was “at the bottom of the pile” in the shifter hierarchy as a were bat?

BathshebaRocks tells an exciting story in a single chapter and leaves her readers satisfied and hopeful for a happily ever after for characters that they didn’t even know they’d care about.

Do the Right Thing is a perfect one-shot with great depth in both character development and storyline. It’s also a perfect answer to the TwoWrongsMakeaRight challenge.

Why you should read it
Not every great story has to focus on Sookie and Eric. Broaden your horizons. You’re the one who will benefit.

If you have any fics you’d recommend be reviewed for this feature, or you’d like to review one yourself, please e-mail us at or visit our contact page. And for more fic recs from other SVM authors and readers, check out sapfirerose’s blog, My SVM Addiction.


  1. Thanks for stepping in this week Suki59! Great review!

  2. Great rec and great story! This is an author who should be on the radar for many more FF readers. Thanks for bringing her talent to the forefront here.


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