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Under the Radar FanFic Recs: A Smarter Sookie

It seems there’s been a lot of mumbling (grumbling, really) about TRUE BLOOD Sookie’s lack of intelligence this season. Our dear GaijinVamp was so fed up, in fact, that she went so far as to start a thread over at the FFnet Sookieverse called Sane Sookie Stories. And that’s where I found this week’s gem: A Smarter Sookie by newbie writer Sophie Myst.

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Fic Name: A Smarter Sookie
By: Sohpie Myst
Rating: M
Published: August 2, 2010
Status: In-Progress (updated regularly)
Word count: 41,186
Chapters: 16
Average Reviews per Chapter: 20

Author’s summary of the fic
What if Sookie had been more than a little smarter, intellectually and emotionally? Slightly AU - no Bill.

Reviewer's summary of the fic
I think I’ll let Sophie Myst’s opening author’s note speak for me here: Charlaine Harris said that she figured someone who dated vampires had to be kind of dumb, and that's how she wrote Sookie. It got me to wondering how Sookie's life might have been different if she were (more than a little) smarter - intellectually and emotionally.

Reviewer’s notes
Alternate-Universe. Human/fairy Sookie and Vampire Eric.

The title says it all – this fic is about a smarter Sookie Stackhouse. Rather than work in a bar, Sookie takes refuge in the quiet of the Bon Temps Library and uses Shreveport’s bars and clubs to entertainingly sharpen her telepathy and hone a new ability. Sookie refers to it as “influence” and it’s very similar to a vampire’s glamour.

One of the things I like about this fic is how Sookie very intelligently and logically works things out on her own, some of the same things that make us scream “stupid Sookie” at our TV screens every Sunday night. For instance, she deduces, even before she ever steps foot in Fangtasia and meets Eric, that for vampires to have existed in secret for so long they must have some sort of hierarchy and “squirrely politics,” and that her telepathy would certainly be something they would desire to exploit if she was discovered. Sookie’s own smart deductions have her walking into her new situation with eyes wide open, rather than those dumb-dumb doe-eyes we often see accompanying small-screen Sookie’s tears and ear-piercing screams.

(You’re a king? Do you have a crown? LOL. Really? The next question to come to mind after learning Russell is a king is if he has a crown? *face palm*)

This Sookie, though still a virgin when she meets Eric, is also more uninhibited. There are no “quivering puppies” here. There’s wonderfully delicious and witty flirtations between Eric and Sookie that are so hot, even before getting to the real lemons in this fic, their flirty banter serves as foreplay not just for Eric and Sookie but for the reader as well.

Eric is also portrayed with a bit more intelligence than in the books (and loads more than in the show). I always found it hard to believe that at 1,000 years old Eric wouldn’t have figured it out himself that Sookie was part-fairy. Well, this Eric does. *golf clap*

Why you should read it
If the review didn’t get you popping on over to the fic, here are some more reasons to check it out:
- Sookie works on her abilities rather than shuns them, even seeking to develop new ones, such as her own version of glamouring.

- Hysterical texting between Eric, Pam and Long Shadow regarding one Miss Sookie Stackhouse’s first trip to Fangtasia. Chapter 8. I laughed out loud for so long my husband started looking at me like I’d gone crazy.

- Gran putting the fear of god into a 1,000 year old Viking vampire – priceless.

- CH’s shower scene in Dead to the World has got nothing on chapter 10 in this fic. I have to say I quite prefer “I'll have to take you up on that, once I figure out where you hid my bones” to a jar of orgasms any day. ‘Nuff said.

- The teasing nature of the Pam/Eric relationship in this fic is delectably funny. It reminds me a bit of ericizmine’s Bored to Death. Sophie Myst, I hope you take that as the great compliment I mean it to be.

- No Bill. *loud applause*

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  1. So many compliments, I hardly know where to begin! Thank you for such a wonderful review.

    This story is so much fun to write. The lovely reviews I've gotten thus far have only added fuel to my scribbly fire. Failing complete and utter muse-abandonment, I hope to be updating this story for a good long while.

    I have to agree that there seems to be a developing trend of SVM fans who are sick to death of a stubborn/stupid/insipid Sookie. One can only hope this trend continues, and brings us more sane/smart Sookie stories.


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